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Learn how quickly your order will be shipped, the types of shipping available, and what to do if your tracking shows your order is lost, stalled, or delivered but can't be found.

How quickly will my order be shipped?

The processing time depends on a few things! That includes: what you ordered, whether your order is complete (for example, do we have your prescription & PD measurement?), and when you placed your order. Our typical order turnaround time is as follow

What kind of shipping available?

We have three shipping options available: USPS First Class, USPS Priority & UPS Ground. USPS First Class: We offer FREE standard shipping (in-transit ship time of 4-6 business days) to anywhere in the United States for both our home try-on kits as we

What if my tracking shows that my order has been lost, stalled, or already delivered but can't be found?

While it is not common, sometimes packages can have a mind of their own! If a package is marked as “Delivered” by the USPS, first and foremost we recommend checking around your home/mailbox to ensure that it didn’t get placed in an odd location (such

Can I return items at a different carrier (UPS instead of USPS, for instance)?

For the return of items, it is important to use the designated carrier stated on your return label. Different carriers may have various policies, and using an alternative service like UPS for a USPS label is not recommended. If your return label spec

Can I expedite my order?

At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we strive to process orders promptly. While we cannot guarantee expedited service, selecting a faster shipping option at checkout can help ensure your order arrives swiftly. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to