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Learn about the available lens options, their benefits, and how to upgrade your child's eyewear for better vision and protection. Find out about our sun lenses, including features, pricing, and how to order.

What Types of Lens Upgrades are Available for Purchase?

We've put together a helpful article that outlines our lens upgrade options. If you have further questions, please send us a message! Chat is always our fastest response.

Are there prescription lenses included with the cost of the frames?

Yes! The free prescription lenses that are included with the purchase of a frame are standard polycarbonate lenses. This basic lens options also comes with 100% UV protection and an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating. Note: There are prescrip

Do your sunglass lenses offer UV protection?

Our sunglass lenses offer 100% UV protection, have a UV400 coating, and have a backside anti-reflective coating, which means your kiddo's eyes will be protected from all angles - even when the sun is behind them! At this time we do offer both polariz