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Our comprehensive guides and articles help you find the perfect fit for your kids' glasses, ensuring comfort and style. Learn about frame types, measuring tips, and how to choose the right size for your child's eyewear needs.

What is the difference between boy and girl frames?

Nothing, actually! All of our frames are gender neutral and work great for both boys glasses and girls glasses. The frame shapes are all the same whether you are looking at the boy or girl version (for example, for the frame marked “Paul/Paige”, the

Is there a way I can try on glasses before ordering them as a prescription?

We offer a Home Try-On Kit that is perfect for trying on our glasses! We get that ordering kids glasses online can be intimidating, so ordering one of our kits can help put you at ease while placing your order for prescription glasses. The kit only c

What material are your frames made of?

A lot of our frames are made of either the highest quality custom cellulose acetate or metal. While they are very durable and made with kids in mind, please keep in mind they are not indestructible! We always strongly encourage our customers to educa

Will these glasses fit my toddler?

We have a wonderful selection of glasses in our extra small line that are perfect for toddlers aged 2-3. These glasses are designed specifically to fit the smaller faces of young children, ensuring both comfort and style.  Our smallest size frame is

What are your frame measurements?

At Jonas Paul Eyewear, we believe in providing stylish, comfortable, and perfectly fitting glasses for everyone. Understanding frame measurements is key to finding your ideal pair. Here’s a quick guide to help you:. 1. Lens Width or Eye Size: The wid

Will a certain frame come back in stock?

While we try our best to keep all styles available, there will be some that go out of stock! If we are bringing it back, there will be a "Notify me When Available" button on that frame/color! We will pass this along to our product development team so

Will these frames fit as an adult?

While we specialize in kids glasses, we do have quite a few adult customers who also love and fit in our frames. We always recommend starting with a Home Try-On Kit to help see what size and style will be best for you!

How can I figure out the correct size for my child's frames?

Selecting a frame that fits your child’s head properly involves considering a few key factors: frame width, bridge width, temple length, and personal comfort. Here’s a detailed guide to help you determine if a frame fits your child’s head: This guide

How do I measure the Pupillary Distance?

If you review this article, it will walk you through the steps to measure the pupillary distance! And of course, we are always happy to help as well, just send us a chat!